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JBC International LLC, Texas, USA (RUGS.TC) is proud to be one of the premier manufacturers & sellers of fine Oriental and Pak Persian area rugs in the industry. We have over half a century of experience in the production and export of high quality wool rugs, so you as a customers can always rely on us for our expertise. We use our experience to present the highest quality hand woven rugs. Our stocks always contain an expansive inventory of handmade rugs from Pakistan.

Unlike our competitors we manufacture rugs ourselves through our sister company in Pakistan JBC Enterprises, Multan, Pakistan and we sell these rugs directly to our clients. This gives us an immense advantage rather it eliminates any form of competition when it comes to pricing. Our Oriental Rugs are sold at usually half the price (with double the quality) at what other merchants sell at their retail outlets!

JBC International LLC (
RUGS.TC) is an international company, with representations in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, & Pakistan. We are one of the largest bulk supplier in the latter countries. In Pakistan  JBC International LLC (RUGS.TC) is responsible for producing thousands of beauitful quality rugs every year that are sent to our outlets around the world.

At any given time we have several thousand hand woven rugs ranging from Pak Persian Rugs, Wool rugs, Pak Persian area rugs, Baluch, Gabbeh, Chobi, Ziegler, Pak Tabriz, Bakhtiary Rugs, Tribal rugs,  Pak Kerman rugs , Pak Kashan rugs , Pak Ardabil rugs, Pak Isfahan rugs, Khal Muhammadi, Pak Kashmar rugs to ANYTHING YOU WANT TO GET MADE.

We guarantee you complete customer satisfaction at RUGS.TC. For any sort of assistance please contact us as soon as possible. From booking an order to tracking it, our support staff will be with you on every step. We have a long list of satisfied returning customers. RUGS.TC also designs RUG(s) on order .We have a large team of highly talented designers who produce new and vibrant colors, designs, etc of hand knotted Rugs every week.

With these many years in business & an untarnished reputation in the market We are convinced that you will be pleased with your rug order but in the case if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you are allowed to ship back our rug within 30 days for a  refund (please refer to the refund policy).

If you have any questions, need help finding the right rugs, or if simply are not sure what rug will work best for your home, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly and expert representatives will be happy to assist you.

Please note that Pak Persian design/type rugs refer to persian design rugs manufactured in Pakistan.