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What to Do:

In terms of maintenance:

carpets should be given regular cleaning; beating from the back is preferable to a Hoover, although a Hoover used on most pieces in the direction of the pile(never against it) is usually perfectly satisfactory.

A carpet purchased from a dealer will be reasonably clean. To keep its appearance, a domestic detergent can be used by frothing  it in warm water and rubbing the froth gently into the pile with a sponge or soft brush, then sponging again with a clean damp cloth(the surface of the carpet should be never more than slightly damp). However, such things as aerosol carpet foams should be avoided since many contain chemicals and artificial brighteners.

Carpets which are very dirty or badly stained , or which show any signs of structural damage, should be treated professionally; most dealers offer a repair and cleaning service. Before buying a carpet with obvious damage or staining, consult an expert first to see what, if anything, can de done.

Many carpets with apparently serious structural damage can be repaired, while others cannot. Also carpets may have unsightly and irremovable stains.