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RUGS.TC allows a 30 day refund policy in the form of store credit or money back. However, please be aware that the refunded amount will not be sent until the RUG(s) have been returned back to our address in Sugar Land, Texas in original condition. We will be solely responsible for judging the RUG(s) physical state. Any damages, repairs, etc done to the RUG will according to terms and conditions release us of any obligation of refunding the due amount.

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT OF DEDUCTING THE SHIPMENT CHARGES that were paid by us when the RUG(s) were originally delivered to you from the amount that is to be refunded. These shipment charges will still be charged even if during your order the shipment was deemed free. These charges could be checked against the courier's bill.

The fees for any transfer of money, deductions made by the bank, credit card processing companies,etc will also be deducted from the amount to be refunded.