4'0"x4'0" Geometric

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(4'0"x4'0" )
(121.9 X 121.9) cm

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Handmade Caucasian Design Rugs
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Silk & Wool
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121.9 X 121.9
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90 Days 0 Hours
This Rug is in an "Excellent Condition " with a uniform pile, static colors, free of any repair work and with all four sides as straight as humanly possible.


Caucasian rugs are primarily produced as village productions rather than city pieces. These rugs get their name from the area in which they originated - the Caucasus but today they are one of the many carpets manufactured in Pakistan (locally known as Qafqaz). Made from materials particular to individual tribal provinces, the rugs of the Caucasus normally display bold geometric designs in various different colors; red, brown & blue being the most popular of all colors which contribute nicely to their warm & inviting appeal. The wool used is of great quality & is readily available, it is resilient, takes dye well & is easily spun. Styles typical to the Caucasus region are Daghestan, Shirvan, Kazak & Quba rugs. Renowned for their luxurious feel, attractive colors & pleasing design our Caucasian rugs are also extremely affordable. These rugs are probably the most widely collected type of antique rugs.

Hand knotted by our skilled artisans, who have been weaving rugs, textiles and carpets for generations, you know that when you choose a rug from RugsTC, you're buying into a history of high quality rug making that goes back hundreds of years. Choose this RugsTC hand-knotted Caucasian rug to grace your home today.

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