4'1"x6'2" Floral

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Double Knot Floral

(4'1"x6'2" )
(124.5 X 188) cm

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Pak Persian
Handmade Pak Persian High Quality Rugs
Foundation Material
Pile Material
Theme Color
Reddish Brown
Other Colors
Size (ft)
124.5 X 188
Knotting Time
130 Days 0 Hours
This Rug is in an "Excellent Condition " with a uniform pile, static colors, free of any repair work and with all four sides as straight as humanly possible.


Pak Persian Rugs are notable for their attractive floral based or curvilinear designs & are extremely popular in homes worldwide. Informed by design themes from ancient Tabriz, Kashan, Sultanabad & Mahal rugs & also borrowing from the classic styling of Kirman, Tree of Life & Hunting motifs - an investment in a Pak Persian rug will breathe new life into any room of your home. Pakistani carpets generally are finely knotted with wool pile, cotton warp & weft threads. Silk is occasionally used in the pile to accentuate certain motifs. These finest quality carpets are woven with local wool that has been blended with merino wool imported from New Zealand & Australia. This imported wool has a longer staple & is stronger, yielding a more durable & lustrous carpet. Renowned for their luxurious feel, durability, attractive colors & pleasing designs our Pak Persian rugs are also extremely affordable.

Hand knotted by our skilled artisans, who have been weaving rugs, textiles and carpets for generations, you know that when you choose a rug from RugsTC, you're buying into a history of high quality rug making that goes back hundreds of years. Choose this RugsTC hand-knotted Pak Persian rug to grace your home today.

4'1x6'2 Rug - Floral - Handmade Pak Persian High Quality Rugs - a 4x6 Rug size - RugsTC