6'1"x9'4" Pictorial Hunting Shikargah
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Double Knot Pictorial Hunting Shikargah

(6'1"x9'4" )
(185.4 X 284.5) cm

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Handwoven Chobi Ziegler Rugs made with Vegetable dyes
Pictorial Hunting Shikargah
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Size (ft)
185.4 X 284.5
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180 Days 0 Hours
This Rug is in an "Excellent Condition " with a uniform pile, static colors, free of any repair work and with all four sides as straight as humanly possible.


Ziegler Rugs are exclusive; it has derived its name from an area largely settled by Turkoman tribes from Afghanistan. Also called 'chobi' rugs - the word for wood in the Persian language, these rugs are characterized by their muted, earthy tones - a look which in the modern version is created by hand stone washing & leaving the rugs to bleach out in natural sunlight. These rugs are often distinguished by their exquisite use of natural (vegetable & mineral) dyes. Inspired by traditional Persian rugs, Peshawar Ziegler rugs are made by skilled artisans. Although they look antique in appearance, these rugs are in fact newly manufactured to emulate the beauty & finish of their ancient counterparts. Luxuriously soft & extremely durable, our hand knotted Peshawar Ziegler's are made using the finest New Zealand wool. Natural dyes produce soft luminous shades & abrashes not possible to obtain from chemical dyes.

Hand knotted by our skilled artisans, who have been weaving rugs, textiles and carpets for generations, you know that when you choose a rug from RugsTC, you're buying into a history of high quality rug making that goes back hundreds of years. Choose this RugsTC hand-knotted Ziegler rug to grace your home today.

6'1x9'4 Rug - Pictorial Hunting Shikargah - Handwoven Chobi Ziegler Rugs made with Vegetable dyes - a 6x9 Rug size - RugsTC